Reserved Dogs


Axel, male husky, approx. 60cm and 30kg, super calm and friendly boy, gets well on with other dogs and walks well on the lead. Found tied up on a gasoline station. Looking for his forever home.


Guapa, podenco/galgomix, female, born 09/2019. Found wondering in the village. She is around 60cm and 18kg. Very friendly, gets well on with other dogs, a little shy until she knows you which is typical for the breed. Very loving sweetheart looking for her forever home.


Lovely Leon, born 01/2014, 30kg and 70cm, very friendly boy. loves playing with his doggifriends, was living on a chain for 4yrs poor boy. Now we hope he gets the life he deserves.


Agne, born 01/2014, 60cm, 26kg, boxermix female. Very loving and affectionate girl, gets well on with other dogs. Looking for her forever home where she can enjoy the rest of her life.


Cess, born 04/2018, 24kg and 55cm staffiemix male. Really active and playful dog who gets really well on with all dogs, loves playing and going for walks. Lookig for an active home where he can enjoy life.


American staffie, male, born 2017, around 55cm and 30kg, Has only one eye but it doesnt effect him. He is really loving, gets well on with females, used to kids and is a really loving boy looking for his forever home.


Queen, staffiemix female, born 01/2018, around 24kg and 55cm, very friendly and loving girl that gets well on with other dogs and walks really well on the lead.


Pluto, podenco/galgomix, born 02/2020, male, Now (09/2020) about 60cm and 15kg. Very loving and easy, gets well on with other dogs and also cats. Lives with Kim in the house and is just the sweetest and lovable handsome boy looking for his forever home.