Reserved Dogs


Aadam, born approx 08/2019, 18kg and 55cm, Brother of Eve. Adopted as tiny puppies but now the home has given them up. Gets well on with other dogs, walks well on the lead. Not cat tested yet.


Celia, female pointer mix, born 02/2013, been at the shelter since 6 weeks old. Happy and active friendly girl who would love a home of her own, preferably to a home with other dogs aswell. Sister to Chuck and Cilla. Around 50cm and 25kg.


Chuck, male, pointermix, born 02/2013 and been at the shelter since a puppy with his sister Celia and Cilla. Around 50cm and 24kg. Active, fun amd happy dog, goes well with others and would be perfect to an active home with doggie friends.


Shep, male, born 12/2019, approx. 50cm and 17kg. Handed in by a shepard. Gets well on with other dogs, wants to have his heard under control the way this breed usually do but is fine living with others in the kennels. This sweet boy is looking for his forever home.


Adam, born 01/2020, 15kg and 55cm ( when adult less than 20kg and 60cm approx.) He is a bit shy until he gets to know you but will probably relax more in a home. He is looking for a home with doggie friend an no small kids because of his shyness.


Bambi, podenco female, born approx 10/2019, around 60cm and 14kg. Was catched with her mother Bella in the campo, Bella lives at the refuge and Bambi is in foster with one of the volunteers. Bambi is a sweet gorgeous girl who walks well on the lead and gets well on with other dogs. No cats.