Adopted Dogs




Aaron, born 2011, around 12kg and 40cm. Goes well with other dogs, Senior looking for his forever sofa


Bennie, male, mix breed, born 10/2015, super friendly and easy, all the time happy and loves to play, loves cuddles and people. Super family dog!


Cilla, female, pointermix, born 02/2013 and been at the shelter since a puppy with her sister Celia and Chuck. Around 50cm and 24kg. Active, fun amd happy dog, goes well with others and would be perfect to an active home with doggie friends.


Mitch, born 08/2019, approx. 16kg and 50cm. Found wandering in the village, a really easygoing boy, he doesnt stress about anything. He gets well on with other dogs, loves people and even cats are okay.

Donna (ADOPTED) & Diva

Diva, born 04/2012, found with her sister Donna as a puppy and been at the shelter ever since, is really shy and needs someone who knows how to work with a scared and shy dog. She follows her friends eveywhere, so a doggiefriend would be a must in her forever home, also a house with fenced yard would be ideal. Diva is 55cm and 26kg.


Storm, born 09/2019, approx. 17kg and 55cm. Storm is an energetic and sosial happy dog who loves to play and go for walks. She is looking for an active home with doggiefriend or friends. She gets well on with other dogs.


Jolly, born 09/2019, 50cm and 12kg, male. Found on the beach wandering. A really happy and friendly boy, easygoing and gets well on with other dogs, even cats are okay.


Rudy, born 09/2018, 22kg and 60cm. Rudy is an active playful and sosial dog who loves to play and go for walks. He gets well on with other dogs and loves cuddles. Rudy is looking for an active home.


Princess, mastinemix, born 31.3.2017, female, around 60cm and 30kg. Princess is sosial, happy, loves to play and get cuddles, gets well on with other dogs. Mum Missy and dad Buster also at the shelter looking for their forver homes.


Matteus, born 2011, waited at the shelter with his sister ariel already 4 years. His sister Ariel is in foster care in Finland waiting for her forever home, would it be matteus turn next? he is a loving and easy boy who goes well with all other dogs. He is 55cm and 26kg pure gold.


Reggie, male, galgo, born 06/2016, around 65cm and 27kg, really fast, loves to play and run, gets well on with all other dogs. Reggie was thrown over Kims gate together with Ronnie. Reggie is looking for an active home who loves long walks in the woods.


Tarzan, around 4 years old male galgo, owner brought him to Kim since he no longer wanted him. Tarzan loves cuddles, just wants a nice soft bed to sleep in and be loved. Gets well on with other dogs also.


Linus, male, GSD mix, born 08/2017, found at a garage in 40 degrees heat with mum and siblings, super friendly and happy, loves to play. Mum and one brother adopted to sweden, other siblings still looking for their forever homes. All pups around 50-55cm and 25kg.


Bruno, born 06/2016, male, very friendly, goes well with all dogs and is a real sweetheart. Will be medium when grown, around 15-22kg and 50cm.


Canelo, male, born 01/2016, staffie x podenco mix, saved from cordoba perrera. Brave and energetic young boy, a bit stubborn but a quick learner, gorgeous boy looking for his forever home.


Baron, male, galgo around 4years old. Baron is 60cm and 26kg, his owner brought him to Kim when he no longer wanted him. Really calm and easy, a real sweetheart. Gets well on with other dogs and loves cuddles and attention. Gorgeous boy!


Santa, male, gorgeous galgo boy, born 04/2017, super friendly, easy and happy boy, loves to cuddle and gets really well on with other dogs. Such a sweetheart! Santa is around 26kg and 65cm.


Carlos, male, podencomix, around 3 years old. Carlos has always lived in a home and doesnt cope too well in the kennels, a home for this stunning boy is needed. Carlos gets well on with other dogs and loves attention and cuddles. Easy and happy boy!


Lobo, male galgo, around 1, 5years old. Sweet, friendly and curious. Gets well on with other dogs althou dont like if someone wants to eat his food but who does! Lobo is around 60cm and 25kg, stunning boy!


Lottie, female, GSD mix, born 08/2017 at a garage in 40 degrees heat, saved by Kim. Mum Lucy adopted to Sweden like Lotties brother. Nice and sweet girl, loves to play and get cuddles. Lottie and her sisters are still looking for their forever homes!


Blackie, male, around 2 years old, superhappy and friendly, loves to play, gets well on with other dogs.


Marti, pitt/staffi mix, around 4 years old male. Loves to pay with the water and when the waterhose is out, no need to look for Marti. Lives alone in the kennel so a home with no other dogs or with a same size female. Lovely boy who loves humans and cuddles!


Aitiana, pitbull female, born 2015, dominant but okay with same size males. Lives with negrito, loves to play and run around. To an experienced home. She is around 50cm and 24kg


Sandra, born 2014, 50cm and 17kg, podenco mix, a really sweet and loving little girl who just wants a chance to a home


Cindy, born 2015, female, saved from cordoba perrera 2 years ago, A bit shy until she knows you but goes well with all other dogs. Around 50cm and 17kg.


Bill is a happy and playful little boy, he is a bit shy around new people but once he gets to know you he'll love you to the moon and back. Bill has been at the shelter since a puppy and still waiting. His brother Ben got adopted to Finland summer 2016, could it be bills turn to get a home?


Frida, young female that was saved from a busy road in Almeria. Approx. 50cm and 15kg. Friendly and easy girl who loves to play with her doggiefriends and get cuddles.


Auto, male, born 06/2012, about 50cm, 17kg, beautiful boy who was found at the motorway as a young boy. He is a stunning and easy boy who goes well with other dogs. please share for auto.


Drew, staffie male, born 03/2015, playful and active young boy, saved from almeria perrera, Loves to play with the water and would spend his whole day in the water if possible. Would be a great companion as an only dog or with anctive female. Gorgeous and friendly!


Chloe, born 2015, female, saved from cordoba perrera with her sister Cindy. Chloe is around 45cm and 15kg. Goes well with all other dogs.


Tessa, female staffie, born 2015, saved from Almeria perrera, Happy and playful, energetic, loves to please people, althou a bit of a fatty. Might have been used for breeding, loves males and lives with Cholo and they are best buddies. Gorgeous girl!

Rahoy (born 12/2017)

Rahoy, male, born 12/217. Saved from the streets by a spanish guy and brought to kim. Lives in the house, has a big personality and a big heart, gets well on with others. A tiny little fella, 6kg and 30cm.

Pippa (born 01/2018)

Pippa, female, small podencomix around 8kg and 40cm, born around 01/2018, wont grow too much more. She just wants to be with you and follow you everywhere, doesnt like to be alone and would love a nice quiet home with a doggiefriend.

Baz (born 12/2017)

Baz, male, small around 7kg and 40cm of pure love. Saved from the streets. A bit shy but gets more confident day by day, loves cuddles. A small dog with a big heart.


Bianca, female, born around 01/2018. Found on the streets, Small mix breed, around 7kg and 40cm. Super sweet, a bit shy and submissive, gets well on with others and loves to follow people and just be close. A white little angel, who can say no to that face!


Will, male bodeguero, around 40cm and 8kg, found on a busy motorway where he had been hit by a car. Will is super sweet, easy and loves dogs and people, would make a great family dog!


Tony, born 2008, age is just a number when it comes to this little happy dude, he loves to run like the wind, play like puppy and has the energy to do it all. all over again! Tony is around 40cm and 10kg of pure love, who would give this little guy his forever home?


Tammy, female, born 2014, 15kg and 45cm. Goes well with other dogs, nice and quiet little girl, very submissive.


Leia, born spring 2016, 40cm and 10kg, wont grow any bigger. Saved from cordoba perrera last summer. Lovely little flyffy girl who goes well with all dogs still looking for her forever home.


Marambo, a really nice and easy male, loves to be cuddles, goes well with other dogs and likes people.


Dahlia, born 03/2014, Dogo Argentino female, she is fine with same size males but doesnt like small dogs or cats. Dahlia is around 50cm and 26kg.


Sheeba, born 03/2015, found in the countryside as a puppy and been at the shelter ever since, is friendly but goes best with same size or bigger dogs, is a bit dominant. around 50cm, 18kg.


Flame on kiltti, lempeä ja leikkisä podenco sekoitusnarttu. ADOPTOITU HOLLANTIIN!


Tango on herrasmies Cordoban tappotarhalta, joka on odottanut omaa kotia innokkaasti. Joko olisi hänen vuoronsa?


Calvin, male, born 2011, been at the shelter for 4 years, Kims own favoreite boy with a heart of pure gold. Goes welll with other dogs and loves people aswell, nothing beats a cuddle, Who would give Calvin his happy ending?


Sonja, a yound podenco mix female, easy and loving, goes well with other dogs, gentle and loves a cuddle like podencos do.


Marie, born 01/2015, mastine female, really kind and gentle girl, around 55cm and 26kg. She would love a family of her own, she is quite shy until she knows you, goes really well with other dogs.


Lily, ,yorkiemix, on ainoa selviytyjä pentueesta, reipas nuori tytön alku, kiltti ja sosiaalinen. Lily on varattu Suomeen.


Izzy on erikoisen värinen narttu joka iästään huolimatta on täynnä energiaa, leikkii ja osaa temppuja! Superkoira lapsiperheeseen! Izzy on odottanut omaa kotiaan monta vuotta, joko olisi hänen vuoronsa?


Crispy on Iloinen, reipas ja leikkisä, ihana pieni pörröinen pallero vailla omaa ihmistä.

Bono and Clyde

Bono and Clyde, saved from Cordoba perrera, happy little boys looking for their forever homes. Born autumn 2015, around 10kg. Bono left and Clyde right.


Tiny little Pulgita was found on the petrol station as a 3 week old puppy with her mum. Mum passed away soon after rescueing but Pulgita is a fighter, she made it and is now looking for her forever home.

Jess and Jazz

Zaras pups, female Jazz and brother Joey still looking for homes, Mother is a large pointer and dad a mastine, big puppies, lots of energy, heart pure gold <3


Pienen pieni Riley, 2v uros. Hieman peloissaan kunnes oppii tuntemaan. Kuka antaisi hänelle rakkautta jotta ei enää niin jännittäisi?


Ujo pienen pieni poju, "shy", on saanut kotivaraukset Suomeen.


Freeman, herrasmies joka tulee toimeen kaikkien kassa. Masentuneesta herrasta, joka oli hylätty tappotarhalle kuolemaan, kuoriutui varsinainen ilopilleri kun pääsi sieltä pois!


Sonny tykkää muista koirista ja ihmisistä, mutta kissoja jahtaa liikaa tullakseen toimeen.


Brulier, saksanpaimenkoira-sekoitus, reipas ja aktiivinen nuoren miehen alku on varattu Suomeen.


Potter on leikkisä poika, joka tulee toimeen kaikkien kanssa - pörröinen rakkasupakkaus vailla kotia.


Mush on odottanut omaa kotiaan jo 3 vuotta Unohdettu herrasmies vailla sitä omaa loppuelämän kotia!


Cholo, born 08/2015, saved from Cordoba perrera spring 2016, a happy little boy who loves a cuddle and would desreve a home of his own. Terrier mix, around 10kg


Sparky, born 03/2015, Sparky was found wandering around Mijas, he is a happy little boy who goes well with other dogs, he is around 40cm and 12kg.


Simba, mahtavan kiltti ja rauhallinen mastiffi poju. Simba on varattu Hollantiin.


Kelly, fox terrier mix, a really loveable and easy dog, loves all and is super with other dogs, cats, kids, everything. Would be really happy to have a place to call her home, a family to call her own.


Kenzo, a really loving, playful and happy young boy. Born on the streets, taken to the perrera where he was saved from summer 2016. He goes well with all other dogs, loves cuddles and play. Easy boy, who can resist such a sweetheart?


Leila, bodeguero narttu on kaikkien kanssa toimeen tuleva, reipas ja iloinen tyttönen.


Nika, iloinen ja hauska 5-vuotias pointer-narttu. Todella energinen koira harrastavaan kotiin. Ollut tarhalla jo yli kolme vuotta.


Trueman on herrasmies, joka jännittää hieman kunnes oppii tuntemaan. Sopii rauhalliseen kotiin ja ansaitsisi oman pehmeän pedin missä nukkua


Bongo, born 08/2016, podenco x GSD, male, will be around 18kg and 45-50cm when grown, nie and easy little puppy who would like a home of his own


Chispa, a young big girl, born 05/2016, arpund 27kg and 55cm. Shy and really easy girl, a bit nervous and would love to get a home where she could start enjoying life and feel loved.


Klaus on pieni sylikoira. Kiltti ja lempeä, sosiaalinen uros joka tykkää ihmisistä ja muista koirista. Oma nurkka sohvalla on varattu Suomesta.


Suave - kiltti ja leikkisä tyttönen! Kotivaraus Suomeen!


Lara, GSD , 8 years old female, still looking for her forever home, saved from Almeria Killing station. Please share for Lara to find her forever home


Buddy, male, born 10/2014, around 10kg and 40cm, a nice and easy boy who loves cuddles and people, goes well with other dogs, submissive, loving and a lot of fun! Who would take Buddy home?


Susie, a really nice and sweet lady who would love a sofa to cuddle up on, she is calm and loves to be around people, goes well with other dogs, is okay with cats also.


CHICO, an older cocker spaniel mix male, would love his forever sofa.


Guapo löydettiin maaseudulta siskonsa Hopen kanssa. Guapo tarkoittaa espanjaksi komeaa tai hyvän näköistä - totisesti nimensämukainen nuori herra. Leikkisä ja kroonisessa halipulassa, hieman valikoiva ihmisten kanssa. Jännittää välillä uusia ihmisia mutta oikean ihmisen kanssa varsinainen halinalle, joten läheisyys ja lämpö ovat ehdottomat kriteerit sen tulevassa perheessä!


Hatchi, mastiffi uros asuu Remyn kanssa (pitbull narttu) ja ovat ihan paita ja peppu. Remy on saanut kotivarauksen Suomesta ja olisi tärkeää löytää hatchille myös oma koti.


Poppet, a young podenco mix girl, tiny, wont grow over 7kg as an adult. Sweet and loving little lovepackage looking for her forever family where she gets lots of cuddles and love. Sister to pickle and pingo, two male small podencos.


Wilma (vasemmalla) on 5v, super kiltti perhekoira, lasten kanssa erinomainen. Ainoaksi koiraksi varsinainen helmi, sopii myös saman kokoisten urosten kanssa. Wilmalla on nyt kotivaraus!


Roo, male, born 05/2016, loves everybody, goes well with all dogs, maybe not the smartest one but so filled with love it makes all up. around 50cm and 18kg. who would give this package of love his forever home?


Waggy on kiltti ja reipas podenco-pojan alku. Kuka kaipaa reipasta lenkkikaveria?


Laura, female, GSD, born 2015, a bit dominant, goes best with males, kind and easy. Around 55cm and 24kg. Please share for Laura.


Dino, joka päässyt tappotarhalta 1.10.2016, joten vielä todella laiha. Dino on rodultaan Podenco, luonteeltaan lempeä ja kiltti


Solo on hieman arka mastiffi poju. Mutta kun Solon oppii tuntemaan on hän varsin rakastava ja valloittava persoona. Kuka antaisi hänelle loppuelämän kodin?


Arnie is a real gentleman, small, quiet, easy and a bit shy. Would love a nice loving home for him to enjoy in.


Neo on kiltti ja rakastava poju - helppo kaikkien kaveri vailla kotia


Rufus, male, born 2013, Very lovable, Malanois mix, 55cm and 25kg. Absolutely gorgeous boy who would love a family of his own.


Annie on kiltti ja kaikkien kanssa toimeen tuleva pieni terrierisekoitus. Olisiko kenellään omaa syliä häntä varten?


"Teddy" , reilun vuoden ikäinen poju Almerian tappotarhalta, Teddy pääsi häkkiin ruokailun ajaksi jotta kaverit ei aja häntä pois kipolta. Tämä suloinen ja pieni poika vailla omaa kotia ja syliä! kiltti ja helppo mutta arka poika joka tarvitsee rauhallisen kodin ja sen oman ihmisen


Negrito, born 12/2014, male, labrador mix, lives with pitbull female aitiana, loves to play and run around. Would love an active family, around 30kg and 60cm.


Ariel on aktiivinen ja leikkisä koira, joka tulee toimeen kaikkien kanssa. Ariel ollut tarhalla 6 viikon ikäisestä asti. Kuka antaisi tälle ihauudelle vihdoin kodin?


Sky, female, GSD mix, born 10/2016, round 55cm and 25kg. Active and playful, not to a home with kids under 12 beause of her being so playful and active. Needs a home where lots of excercise and stuff to do.


Leo, helppo ja rakastava koira, Delian kanssa asustaa ja rakastavat toisiaan. Olisiko sinulla tarjota heille yhteinen koti tai tunnetko jonkun joka haluaisi kimpassa adoptoida tämän parisukunnan?


Petra, pointermix female, born 05/2016, easy and goes well with all dogs. Happy and playful little girl looking for her forever home, 40cm and 15kg.


Tämä sileäkarvainen tyttö, "toffee" tulee toimeen kaikkien kanssa. Olisiko sinulla tarjota tälle ihanuudelle koti?


Bonzo, brother to Bongo, male, born 08/2016, podenco x GSD, male, will be around 18kg and 45-50cm when grown, nice and easy little puppy who would like a home of his own


Simmy, male, born 2014, 35cm and 8kg, blind in one eye but doesnt slow him down. A bit bossy but means well, goes with other dogs. Who would give this gentleman his happy ending?


Jeronimo, born 01/2016, around 20kg and 50cm, really loving, really loves to cuddle and stay close to you, he is gorgeous and goes well with all type of dogs.


Piper, Lunas son, born on the streets spring 2016, A happy young male who is looking for his human, is okay with other dogs and is a really good boy.


Buster, male, Staffie mix, born 03/2015, 50cm and 25kg. easy and playful with same size dogs, been at the shelter for over a year. Would love a home of his own. Please share for Buster.


Pip, a small boy who loves everyone, easy, happy and goes well with other dogs. Loves to be cuddled. Who would give this sweetheart a home of his own?


Pingo, a little podenco mix boy, will stay small size. Pingo is sweet, happy and loving, goes well with other dogs. He would love a home of his own where he would be loved and cuddled. He is brother to Poppet and Pickle.


Pickle, a tiny podenco mix boy who will stay small, as a grown up only around 8kg. He is a sweet little boy who would love a family of his own who cuddles and loves him. Brother to Poppet and Pingo.