Kim's Animal Rescue

Kims Animal Rescue Center in Almeria, Spain Welcome to Kims animal rescue, on this page you can find rescue dogs and cats looking for their forever homes and happy endings.

Kim's Animal Rescue Center is a charity placed in Almeria Andalucia, that helps saving Dogs and cats from the streets, local perreras and from people who no longer can take care of their pets. The charity is private so it doesnt get any funding from the city and works only on donations. Kims Animal Rescue gives homes to the unwanted until they find their forever homes and during the last 20 years she has rehomed thousands of dogs. All the dogs on the "For Adoption" page is looking for forever homes, and the dogs on the "Dogs looking for sponsors" are looking for commited sponsors to help with their monthly costs for food and medicine etc.

All dogs travel with passport, vaccines, bloodtest, castrated/sterilized and under TRACES.

If you´re intrested in adopting a dog or sponsoring a dog please contact us on facebook; kims animal rescue (english) or Kims animal rescue SUOMI (finnsih/swedish/english)) or Private message to Kim Halliwell (english) or on email;